Family law regulates marriage, divorce, civil partnership, the relationship between parents and children, as well as adoption, guardianship, fosterage, and care. In cases where spouses do not agree anything, they live in the default statutory matrimonial property regime, a so-called community of accrued gains. Other matrimonial property regimes that are possible by agreement are a separation of property and a community of property. Spouses and civil partners are obliged to support each other and their joint children. In the event of divorce, the matrimonial property regime, maintenance payments and pensions, custody, as well as the household effects and the matrimonial home are often at issue. The statutory provisions are only partially mandatory. In many cases, they can be replaced or modified by individual contractual arrangements.

Our Expertise and Services in the Area of Family Law

  • The drafting of prenuptial agreements, partnership agreements of spouses, inheritance contracts and wills as well as agreements on the consequences of divorce
  • Advice and representation of spouses and civil partners in separation and divorce proceedings
  • Advice and representation of spouses and civil partners in the regulation of the equalisation of accrued gains, property division, maintenance payments, and questions of ancillary property law or property equalisation
  • The calculation of spousal and child maintenance payments (according to the Düsseldorf Table)
  • Representation in divorce proceedings
  • Advice on access and custody rights

Our Lawyers Specializing in Family Law

Dieter Janßen
Rechtsanwalt (German Attorney-at-Law) | Notary Public
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