About Us

LOYFORT is a team of experienced lawyers and notaries who always place their clients’ concerns at the centre of their work and will invariably advise you in a quick, accurate and solution-oriented manner. Our joint experience, some of which spans decades, and our focussed specialisation enable us to quickly grasp your economic interests and to pursue your matter with the necessary determination.

Whatever the issue, our aim is to develop perspectives and, based on clear and transparent advice, to reliably find the best solution for you. We negotiate with your counterpart in a legally astute manner, always skilfully and with the necessary rigour to enforce your claims and ideas in the best possible way. Our clients include companies and entrepreneurs – from start-ups to transnational corporations –, credit institutions and insurance companies as well as the public sector.

Our Approach & Workflows

We ensure that your matter is always dealt with by those contact persons who have the highest level of expertise and experience regarding the topic in question. In addition, our internal, mostly digital communication enables us to find creative and cost-efficient solutions more quickly. Throughout this process we communicate with you in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Personal contact persons
  • Efficient, digital workflows
  • Clear and understandable communication

Our Values

The values that inform the work of LOYFORT are loyalty, appreciation, and honesty – in the team, towards clients, and externally. LOYFORT represents a new generation of modern legal advice, based on progressive ways of thinking and lean workflows. As such, LOYFORT rises to the challenges of the present and is fully committed to climate protection: We are climate neutral in the medium term and climate positive in the long term.

LOYFORT Worldwide

LOYFORT is international. To this end, we regularly draw on our established contacts with law firms worldwide. For your cross-border concerns we first assess, based on international law, which legal system applies to which of the issues at hand. If necessary, we then establish contact with a law firm in the country concerned, in general colleagues with whom we have already worked well with in the past. Needless to say that we keep an eye on all correspondence until your international concern is resolved.

We maintain contacts with law firms in every country in Europe, North, Central and South America, the Middle and Far East as well as Australia and New Zealand. We can also establish contacts to law firms in some countries in Africa.

  • Established contacts worldwide
  • Cooperation with law firms abroad
  • Continuous monitoring of all correspondence