Trademarks & Industrial Property Rights

A company’s success depends first and foremost on its good reputation. This good reputation needs to be protected. Only those who comprehensively protect their own intellectual property (IP) rights create a measurable company value and are able to take effective action against imitators. In addition to trademarks, industrial property rights include designs, utility models and patents.

Moreover, in a globalised world, it is often not enough to protect IP rights at the national level alone.

Our Expertise and Services in the Area of Trademarks & Industrial Property Rights

  • Advice and strategy development regarding trademark applications
  • Preparation of lists of goods and services
  • National and international trademark applications
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Appeals against infringing trademark applications
  • Infringement disputes
  • Licence agreements

Our Lawyers Specializing in Trademarks & Industrial Property Law

Dr Jan Nollmann
Rechtsanwalt (German Attorney-at-Law)
Certified Specialist in Industrial Property Rights